2. Young Horses

The start of a young horse has a huge impact for the future. There is only one first time with everything we do. We need to make sure these first times count. In this course I will show you my unique way of starting young horses under the saddle. The process of what I do as a preparation up to the first ride (in liberty!) is available to you as a member. The will to succeed is important, but what’s more important is the will to prepare. What our horses learn with pleasure, they will never forget!

Course Information

I will take you along in all of the important steps of my training of how I start a young horse under the saddle in Dennis his series. Dennis is a young boy who came with me in training to be started under the saddle but he had some difficulties to begin with which makes his process extra interesting. 

Besides Dennis starting under the saddle you will also find Cookies Story with tips on solving hanging in the bit, First Rides (in liberty!), Forest rides and interesting videos about young horses in the course.

Since October 2021 we have added the course “Foal Handling” to the Feather Light Academy membership, new members can watch the training videos under the course “9. Foal Handling”. Due to a technical problem we temporarily added the “Foal Handling” course for existing members under the course “2. Young Horses”. Have fun with all new training videos! ūüôā

Course Instructor

Yvet Blokesch Yvet Blokesch Trainer

Starting under the saddle: Dennis

Cookies Story

First Training

First Rides: Individual horses

Helping a sensitive horse

Exploring the world

Foal Handling: Ruby 

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