Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing , Payments & Cancellation

As a member of the Feather Light Academy you will get direct access to all available training videos / courses / lessons. You can choose your own auto renewal payment plan:

Monthly: €39,95
Quarterly: €89,85 (25% discount)
Yearly: €299,95 (40% discount)

You can cancel at any time. See “Can I cancel my membership at any time” below for more information.

The (USD) dollar value is almost equal to the Euro:

€1 ≈ $1.10

Monthly: €39,95 ≈ $44
Quarterly: €89,95 ≈ $99
Yearly: €299,95 ≈ $330

The exchange rate can of course differ slightly from month to month. The above mentioned prices are therefore also an indication based on the exchange rate at the 11th of August, 2023.

You can pay with:

  • iDeal,
  • Bancontact
  • Sofort Banking (Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Spain, Switzerland)
  • Creditcard (Some credit cards place a hold on international transactions, please check when payment fails)
  • PayPal

After the first payment, subsequent payments are made automatically until the membership is cancelled by you.

The different payment options available may vary depending on the country you are in. If you are unable to use any of the payment options, please email info@featherlightacademy.com.

We will search for a possible solution (for example: direct banktransfer).

Yes, depending on the payment plan you selected (monthly, quarterly, yearly) we will collect the payments automatically after each period. With your first payment through the website, you authorize us to collect subsequent payments automatically. So you don’t have to worry about that.  Depending on your bank / payment gateway it can take a few days to process the renewal order. Of course you can cancel your membership/subscription and corresponding payment plan at any time via the “Subscriptions” page. For more information see the “How do I cancel my membership?” below in the FAQ.

Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time. Cancel your membership before the auto renewal date. Which is exactly after one period (monthly, quarterly or yearly based on your chosen membership plan). This auto renewal payment date can also be found on the “Subscriptions” page in your account.

When you cancel your membership, your membership ends after the period you already paid for (no refund for the already paid period). For example: if you become a “Monthly Member” on the 14th of januari, and you cancel the membership 3 days later on the 17th of januari, your membership will be active till the 14th of februari. 

You can cancel your membership on the “Subscriptions” page (which can also be found via the “My Account” page.). At the subscriptions page click the “view” button to manage your active subscription and click the “cancel” button to cancel the membership. 

OR If you are not able to cancel the membership via the website please send an email to info@featherlightacademy.com with your name and email address and ask us to cancel your membership. Keep in mind that it can take up to 3 days before we are able to process your email request, so you should cancel your membership at least 3 days before the auto renewal payment in this case.

When a subscription is cancelled, its status is not usually transitioned to Cancelled immediately. If the subscription has a prepaid term that has not been provided yet, the subscription will be assigned the Pending Cancellation status. When the prepaid term ends, the subscription’s status will be transitioned to Cancelled. So no auto renewal (payments) will take place if the status is “Pending Cancellation”.

When a subscription is cancelled, its status is not usually transitioned to Cancelled immediately. If the subscription has a prepaid term that has not been provided yet, the subscription will be assigned the Pending Cancellation status. You will keep access to the training videos until the status is changed automatically to Cancelled. When the prepaid term ends, the subscription’s status will be automatically transitioned to Cancelled. So no auto renewal (payments) will take place if the status is “Pending Cancellation”.

You keep access to the videos for the period for which you have already paid. After this period you will not be able to access the training videos anymore.

For example: if you have a yearly membership and cancel it after 11 months, you will keep access to the videos for 1 more month (the period you have already paid for). After this period you will not have access to any video anymore.

Of course we would love to see you back as a member of the Feather Light Academy after you cancelled your membership. You can reactivate your membership via the “Subscriptions” page. 

As many members stay with us for a long time, we can imagine most of them want to change to a cheaper quarterly or yearly payment plan. 

We can arrange this for you. Please send an email to info@featherlightacademy.com and let us know which payment plant you want to upgrade (or downgrade) to. For almost all payment gateways we can arrange this immediately for you. If you pay with PayPal we will send you instructions to change it yourself.

The upgrade (or downgrade) will take place at the end of the already paid period. 

Thank you for becoming a member. In most of the cases the payment failed. If that is the case an account has been created for you, but there is no active membership attached to it. Please carefully check at your bankaccount if the payment has been completed. If not, please buy the membership again via the website and use the accountdetails (email and password) you already received. 

If your payment completed successfully and you still do not have access to the videos, please send an email + screenshot of the error to info@featherlightacademy.com. I’m sure we can fix you problem within a very short time.

PS: If you have used a PayPal eCheck payment, it can take a few working days before the payment is processed. As a result, the membership may not be directly accessible in some cases. Please send an email to us so we can check and activate it manually before the payment actually has been received.

We only provide invoices for members who are registered as a company. 

Business invoices will be available to download between the 1st and 15th of the next monthFor example: You ordered in Januari 2023. Than your business invoice will be available between 01-02-2023 and 15-02-2023.

You can download your invoices via “My Account” — > “Orders” (only for orders created after 31-06-2022)

Remark for EU companies: For all companies in the EU with a VAT-number, we need your valid-VAT number in order to create a valid invoice for tax purposes. You can add your VAT-number here if you didn’t already when you became a member. Don’t forget to click the checkbox: “Update the Billing Address used for all future renewals of my active subscriptions (optional)”.

About the training videos

If you sign up as a member of the Feather Light Academy you will get immediate access to all 200+ training videos (35+ hours), which are divided over 8 different courses:

1. Core Elements
2. Starting Young horses
3. Groundwork & Riding
4. Problem Solving
5. Liberty Training
6. Inspiring Exercises
7. Trailer Loading
8. Foal Handling
Nearly every week we add new training videos. Which you can watch via your online account at the Feather Light Academy website. So everything will be online available to you. We do not work with paper information, everything is explained in the videos and under each video is a small text with information about the lesson. Of course there are also many exercises explained in the training videos to practice with your horse. 
You can track your progress by marking a video as “complete”. And start again where you left off.
This membership will increase you horsemanship skills and you will get that true connection with your horses.

After purchasing the membership or a single course you are ready to start watching the videos.

To watch your training videos you need to login to your account: Login

You can find all training videos by clicking on the  “My Academy” button.

Yes, all videos are spoken in English to reach a wide group of people. At this point in time we do not offer subtitles.

No, currently we do not offer subtitles. Due to the many new videos every week we are not able to subtitle them.

In some cases your Internet Browser translates the website into your language, but this has not effect on the videos. 

No, with over 200 training videos you can make your own selection based on your needs. But we recommend everybody to start with the Core Elements course. This course provides the base for all Yvet her training videos.

Yes, you can stream the training videos every where you want, as long as you have an online internet connection. Be aware that you can only login on one device at the same time.

You cannot and are not allowed to download the videos. The copyright is owned by the Feather Light Academy. 

Yes, you can watch the videos on your TV but not straightaway from the player. There are 3 main options to to this:

  1. Open the webbrowser of your (smart) TV and login via https://featherlightacademy.com/my-account/
  2. Mirror the screen of your mobile device. Instructions to do this vary based on your devices. If you use a Chromecast you can use these instruction videos: AndroidiPadPC.
  3. If you are using a laptop or PC connect a HDMI cable to your TV and mirror the screen.

If you have a horse or love horses, this subscription is designed for you! It doesn’t matter what discipline you are in, whether you are into dressage, doing jumping, if you are a western rider or a recreational rider who loves his horse. If you want to understand your horse and develop yourself and your relationship with your horse, this membership is for you! 

Everything you do with your horses means something for them. Therefor Yvet started doing things with her foals within the first month. You can follow the “Foal Handling” course as a member of the Feather Light Academy. 

Live training and clinics

We currently have a waiting period of several years. That is why we can no longer accept training horses. Unfortunately, we were also forced to close the reserve list for the time being. As this list is also full.

Yes, Yvet offers “Masterclasses” and “Open training-days” at her stable in the Netherlands. These are spoken in Dutch. For more information and dates please click here

In most of the cases these events are sold out within a couple of days. If you want to get informed about new dates as soon as they are announced, please send an email to info@feather-light.nl

We also post these events on our social media: Instagram and Facebook

No, unfortunately Yvet is not able to give private lessons. We refer you to our masterclass days and open training days in Dutch.

Yes, Yvet has given many clinics in the Netherlands and abroad . For more information about clinics at your location, please email to info@feather-light.nl

Other questions

For horse training you can use round pens with a diameter of 15 to 17 meters (49 to 56 feet).
The diameter most desired by Yvet is 16 meters (52,5 feet).
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