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Watch two free lessons from the course Core Elements:

Lesson: Connection

When you have found a positive mindset, you know how to use your intention to ask something from your horse and you know how your horse learns, a true connection is the result is of these three elements. By starting off on the ground, you have a chance to explain and introduce yourself in a way the horse can understand. Many people think of groundwork as individual excersises, and unfortunately they don’t really understand the essence of it. We always need to keep in mind that we are not teaching our horses excersises of groundwork, but we’re teaching them principles, were teaching them valuable lessons of life. Were teaching them how to get their mindset right and we achieve that by finding a way to communicate through the groundwork, maybe even through excersises, but only to find a way to explain ourselves and to find a true connection. So never ever do groundwork, without focusing on that true connection from which you can both grow in life, and stop thinking about a technical exercise only. This way is much more difficult because it is never the same for any horse, but it is the only way your groundwork exercises can be of use for the future you can have together.

Lesson: Feel

With feel you are not teaching your horse tricks of responses, but he “feels” what you mean. To understand what I mean by feel, try to aks your horse to back up from the smallest question you can think of, and really feel he is matching your question exactly. Also ask him to come towards you again, and back, and forwards, until you can move the body without moving the legs. If you get that by only having to shift your own body weight, you know what feel is. Feel is something you need to develop, and this can take a lot of time. But once you have found it, you will use it forever.

"On Social Media you see the before and after.
With your membership you will learn about the process in between".

When you become a member of the Feather Light Academy I will provide you with new and valuable training videos every month. As a member you will get acces to my Video Library from which you can learn from the various different horses I am training and you can develop your own Feather Light Touch.

As a horse trainer I helped out many different horses. Every horse is teaching me something valuable and I want to pass that on to you. With this subscription you get a real insight in my training. Learn from monthly new videos on various different topics like problem solving, young horse training, liberty training, environmental training, follow horses we have in training and many more. Attend Live masterclasses especially designed for subscribers, and follow the horses from Feather Light Horsemanship exclusively.

I hope you enjoy the journey of becoming one with your horse!
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Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

As a member you will get access to the Feather Light Academy with a lot of training videos . You will start off with learning about the Core Elements of my training and follow the journey of horses we currently have in training. The Academy will grow as you stay a member, we will upload at least two new videos every month for you (on the 15th and the 30th). The videos include Core Elements, Young horse training, Liberty training, Problem Solving, Inspiring Exercises & From Groundwork to Riding. You also get access to never shown before footage of our own horses, and horses we have in training.

No you cannot and are not allowed to download the videos. Each month we will upload new videos for you from which you can learn a lot. We need your support to be able to make more videos for you every month.

If you have a horse or love horses, this subscription is designed for you! It doens’t matter what discipline you are in, whether you are into dressage, doing jumping, if you are a western rider or a recreational rider who loves his horse. If you want to understand your horse and develop yourself and your relationship with your horse, this subscription is for you! 

We will upload new videos on a monthly basis on various different topics. We designed categories about young horse training, problem solving, environmental training, liberty training, how to get skilled, and a category designed especially for the core elements of our relationship and training with horses. All videos can be watched individually, but there are also special journeys with certain horses we have in training which you can fully follow from beginning to end. For instance, the journeys of Imola and Hera. Besides these instructional videos we also upload inspirational videos about the training with our own horses from Feather Light Horsemanship (think about the mustang and our show horses).

All videos are spoken in English to reach a wide group of people. Together we can make the difference for all our horses. At this point in time we do not have subtitles, we hope to add these in the future.

Currently not, we hope to add these in the future. But for now there are no subtitles available.

We organize optional LIVE masterclasses especially designed for subscribers where you can ask all your questions to Yvet in real life. ,

No this subscription isn’t a step by step online training. There are so many different horses and different scenarios, and every horse needs something just a bit different. Therefor this subscription is designed to teach you through these different scenarios with all kinds of different horses, to develop your skills with every video you see. You can watch the videos in any order you’d like. But we recommend to start with the Core Elements, because these consist of the Core Elements of our training which stay the same for any horse. From there you can enjoy and watch the videos independently. The series of the horses you can follow who are in training are best being watched in order.

Good to hear so many of you want to switch to a Yearly Membership. 

To do so please send an email to info@featherlightacademy.com and tell us you want to change your membership period (monthly, quarterly, yearly). We will check the best option to switch you membership based on your payment method. Not all payment methods allow us to change your membership.

Unfortunately you cannot do this by yourself in your Account. 

Yes, you can cancel your membership anytime. You have to cancel at least 1 day before the renewal of your membership. When you cancel your membership, your membership ends after the period you already paid for (no refund for the already paid period). So If you become a “Monthly Member” on the 14th of januari, and you cancel the membership 3 days later on the 17th of januari, your membership will be active till  the 14th of februari. 

Go to the “My Account” page –> “Recent Orders” –> “View” –> Related Subscriptions “View” –> “Cancel”.

OR: send an email to info@featherlightacademy.com with you Name and Email address and ask us to cancel your membership.

After cancellation your membership will stop after the period you already paid for (no refunds for already paid period). After this period no automatic payments will be made anymore.

Yes, the price you pay each month or year will stay the same as long as you stay a member. When you cancel your membership and want to be come a member again you will pay the price stated at that moment. Of course you stay a member as long as you don’t cancel your membership, your membership will be automatically renewed after the period you choose (monthly or yearly).

You can pay with IDeal, Sofort Banking, Creditcard and PayPal (be aware that using PayPal needs some extra processing time before you get access to the video content, up to 24 hours). After the first payment, the following payments are made automatically.

Yes, with your first manual payment you give us the authority to collect the next payments automatically.  So you don’t have to worry about that. This will be done exactly one period (month or year) after you entered the membership. Depending on your bank it can take a few days to collect te money. During this time your membership could be “On Hold” in your account, but you will keep access to everything, so don’t worry. 

The first payment is made just before your Membership starts. The next payment will be made automatically after the chosen period of your Membership (monthly or yearly). So if you, for example, have a monthly membership started on the 26th of januari, the next payment will be done automatically after one month on the 26th of februari. 

Depending on your bank it can take a few days to collect te money. During this time your membership could be “On Hold” in your account, but you will keep access to everything, so don’t worry. 

As an “Early Bird” you are one of the first members of the Feather Light Academy. As a reward for this you will pay a discounted price as long as you stay a member! 

You can access the videos as long as you stay a member. 

No, you are not allowed to share your account. Every month we provide you with very valuable new training videos. To make these videos were you can learn form we need your support. as well. When we see your account is shared, we can block your account without any return payment. 

LIVE Membership Masterclasses

To develop yourself even further and get the opportunity to ask all your questions live, we will organize several optional LIVE Masterclasses! Each Masterclass is exclusively designed for subscribers ONLY. 

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"On Social Media you see the before and after. With your membership you will learn about the process in between".

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