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1. Core Elements
2. Starting Young horses
3. Groundwork & Riding
4. Problem Solving
5. Liberty Training
6. Inspiring Exercises
7. Trailer Loading
8. Foal Handling

You will get immediate access to all 200+ training videos. 

Did you know Yvet started watching training videos on a real young age? This was the start of the beautiful skills see developed over time.

Almost every week we add new training videos to the Academy. Yes we keep filming for you, so you can keep learning from Yvet 🙂

You membership will be renewed automatically each period based on the membership plan you choose (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly). After the first payment, the next payments will be collected automatically. Of course you can cancel your membership anytime.

You can cancel your membership anytime before the automatic renewal has taken place. Of course you will keep access to the training videos during the period you already paid for.

To cancel your membership simply go to the “Subscriptions” page in your account.

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"I’ve been following your journey on Facebook and YouTube for a few years now and in January I bought a yearly membership and learned an incredible amount from your videos."
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"I followed your step-by-step plan and yesterday was the first time I sad on my young horse. #moment of happiness"
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"With concrete tips and tools which you can apply immediately, the academy provides a very practical learning environment for everyone."
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"I was a bit reluctant to purchase an online course to learn more about my horse, but I'm so happy I did give it a try! I really learned a lot and made some big improvements"

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