3. Problem Solving

The secret of change is to focus all of our energy, not on fighting the old but on building the new. I come across many different horses, with all kinds of different problems. These special horses bring us very valuable lessons we have to listen to. In this course you can learn from the interesting journeys with horses with different problems in life. Follow the inspiring stories of Imola and Hera. Imola is a horse who would explode out of anything. Hera is a horse who was too dangerous to ride and hadn’t been ridden for 2 years before she came to my stable. Learn from their incredible changes, and next to that learn all about individual problem solving topics.

Course Information

In this course you can follow my complete journey with Imola, Hera, Lorenzo and Qually You will find individual problem solving cases aswell.

  1. Imola, from exploding to riding in liberty
  2. Hera, from dangerous to ride to riding confident with the flags
  3. Lorenzo, from blocked to riding in liberty
  4. Helping Qually with pain memories
  5. Individual problem solving cases

Course Instructor

Yvet Blokesch Yvet Blokesch Trainer
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