2. Starting Young Horses

The start of a young horse has a huge impact for the future. There is only one first time with everything we do. We need to make sure these first times count. In this course I will show you my unique way of starting young horses under the saddle. The process of what I do as a preparation up to the first ride (in liberty!) is available to you as a member. The will to succeed is important, but what’s more important is the will to prepare. What our horses learn with pleasure, they will never forget!

If you are having difficulties with your horse at any time of your journey, you can take the steps of this course to take a new look at your journey. There are probably some gaps in the training who need to be filled.

Course Information

In this course I take you along in the important steps of my training with different young horses.

  1. Starting under the saddle: Watch every step of my unique process from the very beginning to becoming a riding horse.

Besides the series of starting a young horse under the saddle you also find videos with other young horses:

  1. First training
  2. First Rides: Every horse is different. Learn from a variety of different first rides
  3. Exploring the world: Tips for safe and relaxed forest rides
  4. Starting sensitive horses
  5. Extra tips


0. Starting under the saddle (new)

1. Starting under the saddle

2. First Training

3. First Rides

4. Exploring the world

5. Starting sensitive horses

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