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Feather Light Academy Membership

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The perfect gift for every horse lover! Empower their path to success with a Feather Light Academy Gift Card. A present that provides – understanding, confidence, connection, personal evolution, motivation, and individual growth.

The key to unlocking endless possibilities with their horses.

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Courses included in the Membership

1. Core Elements

There are 4 Core Elements I always keep in mind whenever I spend time with horses. Everybody should have a basic understanding of these essential elements. Start your journey with learning about the 4 Core Elements:

1. Mindset
2. Intention
3. How a horse learns
4. Connection.

2. Starting young horses

The start of a young horse has a huge impact for the future. I will show you my unique way of starting young horses under the saddle. The process of what I do as a preparation up to the first rides is displayed in detail.

3. Groundwork & Riding

There is an important relation between groundwork and riding. Develop your skills in both areas by studying this course. Go from a solid foundation to the level you desire.

4. Problem Solving

In this course you will learn from a wide variety of horses who face different issues. Learn how to understand and help any horse in any situation, from in-hand issues to dangerous riding problems. Find that change, and solve any problem by building on a mutual valued relationship.

5. Liberty Training

Run free with your horse. Learn how to level up your communication and develop a true partnership in liberty. From the important basics to highly advanced work (even team work with multiple horses), learn to work with your horse on a deeper level in groundwork and riding by following this course.

6. Inspiring Exercises

Find ongoing new motivation by inspiring exercises. In this course you get short videos with interesting tips. Get inspired and test your horsemanship skills!

7. Trailer Loading

Trailer loading can be a difficult thing. In this course I show you the steps to start this correctly and how to solve problems. The course contains interesting footage of how I solve a serious trailer loading issue.

8. Foal Handling

The journey begins the first moment we are with our foal and that’s where we should start doing things with good intent. We have to be careful with how we handle the first steps they take in life. From putting a halter on, leading, deworming, vet checks, feeding, touching to making contact and many more. By doing these things right, we prepare our horses for the rest of their lives.
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