Individual Course: Imola’s story: from exploding to riding in liberty


Imola made a change from a very tense and exploding horse who was dangerous to ride, to an amazing horse with a lot of feel. In this series I will show you all of her important steps in our incredible first week of training. When you buy this course you get direct access to all 4 lessons in this course:

  1. The Introduction
  2. The Liberty Start
  3. Work in Hand
  4. The final steps before riding
  5. Riding in liberty in our first ride

Imola inspired me with so many valuable things. She is honestly the most beautiful horse i have seen in a long time. Not only because of her amazing looks, but mostly because of her amazing ability to grap the opportunity of change. That is something everyone could learn from.

I feel this horse is an amazing gift. The ability of changing her mindset from defending and feeling the need to fight, into looking for positivity is worth the world.

I wish that everyone would have the  capabilities of taking opportunities and daring to go for a change like this horse has. Because I know that we are all capable of doing great things, and were all here to make the most of everyday, but the only one who would be in the way of achieving these things, could be your own self!

I hope you love Imola’s story as much as I do.

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