Feather Light Membership Full Access (Yearly)

299.95 / year

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Subscribe now and get full access to the Feather Light Academy full of interesting and educational training videos.

When you become a member of the Feather Light Academy we will provide you with new and valuable training videos every month. As a member you will get full acces to the Video Library from which you can learn from the various different horses Yvet is training and you can develop your own Feather Light Touch.

As a horse trainer Yvet helped out many different horses. Every horse is teaching he something valuable and she want to pass that on to you. With this subscription you get a real insight in her training. Learn from monthly new videos on various different topics like problem solving, young horse training, liberty training, environmental training and many more. Get inspired, send in your own video ideas, attend optional Live masterclasses especially designed for subscribers, and follow the horses from Feather Light Horsemanship exclusively.

We hope you enjoy the journey of becoming one with your horse!

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