Individual Course: Trailer Loading

I’ve had a special horse in training who had made such a beautiful change! I love to share her story with you. She found it very difficult to load in the trailer or in the truck. Rearing, running and kicking was all she could think of when she would be asked to step in further. This may be the most difficult thing this horse could think of, and by helping her with this she found trust that I could help her with anything. Working on this trailer loading issue with this special horse is full of important information which may be very helpful for a lot of you. 

It is never about getting her in the trailer, it is always about helping her to find the right mindset, also in more difficult situations, so she doesn’t have to feel herself like that anymore. We need to be there to guide them, never to force them.

Course Instructor

Yvet Blokesch Yvet Blokesch Author

Individual Course: Trailer Loading – Full Access

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