1. Core Elements

The way of doing exercises is never the same with any horse. With some horses we need to focus on this, and with other horses we need to focus on that. But I did find there is an essence of the lessons all the horses have taught me over time. These are the Core Elements of my training and they are the same for every horse. So the way of achieving things and asking things from our horses can be different with any horse or any different situation, but there are core elements, principles, that will stay the same.

Course Information

During this course we will go through 4 of the Core Elements of my training. These essential core elements are the:

  1. Mindset
  2. Intention
  3. How a horse Learns
  4. Connection

At the end of this course I have added an extra video on Feel, because it’s a major aspect of my work with horses. In this video I give you an exercise to develop your feel. This feel will help you understand intention even more.

If you ever feel stuck in practising something of the videos of the other ourses, rewatch the Core Elements. There might be something missing, not in what you do, but in what you feel by it.

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