9. Foal Handling

I am really excited to share this journey with you of my new foal Ruby! Start well, from the very beginning!

The reason why I want to share the full journey of my foal with you, is because I have been training horses for a long period of time now. They come to me to be started under the saddle, or to help them with the issues they face. And of course I love doing this a lot, but with a lot of them I feel they have missed much. It is as if they have been going from baby to middle school and I have to help them fill up the gaps. Of course I take my time with them and teach them as much as I can about the beginning steps, but I can’t help feeling I should do more for the other young horses in the world. 

I am all for letting young ones be young and live a happy life, but that means even more we have to be careful with how we handle the first steps they take in their lives. From putting a halter on, leading them to a field, deworming them, vet checks, feeding, touching to making contact and many more. By doing these things right, we prepare our horses for the rest of their lives. The journey begins the first moment they feel we are with them. And that’s where we should start doing things with good intent. 

I feel that is the area where I can help best, because if we start off well from the very beginning, problems don’t have to arise anymore because the horses understand the life they live in. So this is were Ruby comes in. With Ruby I have the opportunity to teach all of you how and what I would do with a horse from the very beginning to be able to really understand the world they live in.

For the interested ones: Ruby is a mare by Livius x Governor.

Course Instructor

Yvet Blokesch Yvet Blokesch Trainer
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