8. Training with Members

I recently posted that I had to reschedule the Problem Solving Training Masterclasses due to Covid19 (I hope everyone is fine!). However, I did liked to do something in regards to this theme. 

Therefore I am helping horses and owners with their issues in a free session at my stable. I will publish these full training sessions for all Academy Members as a new course, so we can all learn from these interesting and valuable problem solving cases! Learning from each other is the best way to improve ourselves.

Course Instructor

Yvet Blokesch Yvet Blokesch Trainer

Problem Solving Case 1: Kicking, biting, rearing, saying NO to everything 

Problem Solving Case 2: From tense while mounting to parking himself

Problem Solving Case 3: A difficult pony 

Problem Solving Case 4: A young Friesian mare.

Problem Solving Case 5: A runner

Problem Solving Case 6: From bucking, rearing and standing still to finding joy in riding

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