4. Problem Solving

The secret of change is to focus all of our energy, not on fighting the old but on building the new. I come across many different horses, with all kinds of different problems. These special horses bring us very valuable lessons we have to listen to. In this course you can learn from the interesting journeys of a wide variety of horses (and owners) who faced different problems in life. Learn from their incredible changes and understand how to solve any problem by building on a mutual valued relationship.

Course Information

In this course you will see how I help horses with a wide variety of issues. You will learn about:

  • Solving different kind of behavioural issues
  • How to handle in hand problems
  • Solving serious riding issues
  • How to solve unresposiveness and overreaction
  • Solving mounting issues and teaching a horse to park at a step
  • Helping horses with pain memories
  • Grooming problems
  • Individual problem solving cases


1. The horse who explodes out of nowhere

2. The horse who was too dangerous to ride

3. Blocking and Bolting

4. Helping a horse with pain memories

5. Kicking, biting, rearing, saying NO to everything 

6. Tension in mounting

7. Unresponsive and overreacting 

8. Grumpy in grooming and rodeo in riding

9. A runner

10. Bucking, rearing and refusing to move

11. How to motivate unresponsive horses?

12. The untouchable horse

13. Spooking, exploding and biting

14. From problem horse to dressage star

15. Panic attacks and saddling issues

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